GamePi – Raspberry Pi Zero Game Boy Remake

Rasbperry Pi Powered Gameboy Advance


I’ve never had a console game in my entire childhood. The only gaming handheld I ever had was a Gameboy Advance and I really remember how much I love playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. So one weekend just to make peace with my childhood self I decided to make my own GBA.


I used a raspberry pi as the processor. Put an open source emulator inside it. Get a 5V 2A Li-Po rechargable battery. A small lcd screen, some buttons, a couple PCBs, and bunch of wires. My friend, Cristian, helped me 3D designed and 3D printed a case for it. Also I put and extra USB female connector so I could always plug it to external tools, or even a wifi dongle. It cost a bit below $100, which is not as cheap as I thought, but oh well, it got me feeling nostalgic.

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