Can AI decrypt fashion jargon for you?

One benefit of working in a research lab in an amazing research institution like University of Illinois is to be able to work with smart people! One of that smart people, which is also my friend, Yuan, came to me one day with an interesting idea to a simple problem that we often encounter. The problem was a gap of knowledge between novices and expert in a certain domain. He picked fashion as an example, where we, normal people, care about keywords such as “party dress” when it comes to picking an outfit. But an expert stylist in the fashion industry would have a domain specific knowledge and use terms like “Etoile Sequine Fringe Dress”. He thought, hey with the advancement of deep learning technology, could we map domain specific words to simple layman words? Can we bridge the knowledge gap better? Can AI decrypt fashion jargon for you? Well, we wrote a workshop paper about it for CHI 2020, and it got accepted!

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