Yahoo Doppler

During summer 2016, I joined Yahoo’s Datacenter team. I worked on a project named Doppler. It’s an internal tool that monitors the resources usage of every running instances in Yahoo’s datacenter worldwide.

Doppler can measure the resources usage such as RAM, CPU, Namespaces, etc. It also shows the total cost of ownership of each running projects in $US.

In this project, I specifically made an onboarding form to make it easy for other teams inside yahoo to register their datacenter instances. I also made a web component that upgrades all input field in the Doppler platform to autocomplete employee ids.

Interning at Yahoo was a very interesting experience. It’s the first time I work at a big tech company, but also the first time I see the end-of-life of a company. Towards the end of my internship, Yahoo was acquired by Verizon. As much as I respect the CEO, Marissa Mayer, I think the writings was on the wall for quite some time for Yahoo. But I learned a ton during that time, and met interesting people there. I hope the talented alumni of Yahoo could shine in other places as bright as it’s golden days

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